We have a true passion for lighting the perfect shot.


Creating the perfect shot is one part skill and another part talent.  Whether you need a lighting direction for your next shoot, or a future proof turn key studio design for your next content creation studio, we can help you with realizing that perfect shot. 


We have a true passion for Live Events.


We specialize in bringing beauty and structure into any venue, transforming spaces into visually stunning environments that will amaze your audience.  Whether you are putting on a charity gala or a live concert, let us make your next event shine.


We have a true passion for theatre.


The right lighting design for a show can transform a good play into a magical theatre experience.  From script to stage, we work with you to bring the playwrights words and ideas to life, using the lighting to reinforce the moods and moments being portrayed on the stage. Every show we work on, from small intimate plays to Broadway style musicals, receives the same attention to detail necessary to create a polished, professional show that allows the story to shine through.


Meet the Lead Designer

Steve Giltner

Steve Giltner President and Lead Designer for StreetLite LLC

Steve has been designing light in the Southern California area for ten years.  Combining his love of theatre arts and years of musical training, he pushes the limits of design.  Using new and innovative technology he follows the longstanding principles of design to achieve brilliant visuals for shows and events.

The lighting instrument is a tool for an LD, like a brush for a painter. Lighting designers should understand how to use these tools to achieve revelation of form and atmosphere in the physical space.”
— Steve Giltner